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STG-2040 Claised Head
Please specify between main body and side arm.


STG-2050 105° Three Way Connecting Tube


STG-2060 75° Three Way Connecting Tube

STG-2070 U Shape Connecting Tube
Please Specify distance center to center of arms, and height of tube.

STG-2080 Connecting Tube
Please Specify angle.

STG-2090 Connecting Tube With Prarlle Side Arms
Please specify distance center to center between side arms



STG-2100 Vaccum Take Off Tube
Please Specify angle of top joint.

STG-2110 Distilling Head
Please specify stopcock size and angle of tube off stopcock.

STG-2120 Water Jacketed Tube
Please specify angle of top joint.



STG-2130 Thermometer Well
Please Specify joint size and length below inner joint.

STG-2140 Right Angle or Straight Connecting Tube With Stopcock
Pleas specify size of stopcock

STG-2150 Right Angle Or Straight Connecting Tube



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